He was stuck in the furnace room.

I rarely get the option to laugh so hard that our sides start to ache, but that is what happened to me last week! I had tears rolling down our cheeks and our belly were aching.

  • I was laughing so hard that it was all I could do to find a breath.

I heard our spouse Al calling our name, but I didn’t believe where he was. I was fairly confident the sound was coming from the furnace room. I made our way through the basement to the furnace room, where I opened the door. I took 1 look at Al and I burst out laughing, however the angrier Al got at myself and others for laughing, the harder I laughed, but he found a small leak in the sizzling water pipes that come from the boiler. Al went to neighborhood and obtained up-to-date pipes and started welding them together, but by the time Al realized he was making the job harder than it should be, he also realized he had turned the pipe into a prison. I had to hold Al’s hand while he stepped over the pipe and tried not to slip. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, despite the fact that Al was asking if I was going to help him. I tried not to laugh again, but just seeing the look on Al’s face, had myself and others giggling again. He told myself and others that if I wasn’t going to help him, I needed to get out of the furnace room. I walked out of the furnace room and leaned against the door. Two hours later, Al pulled the door opened and asked if I was done laughing at him. I tried to nod, but when I saw Al’s face and looked at the pipes, the giggles started up once again.

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