All of us got a free update on our hotel room

I hadn’t stayed in hotel rooms in years because of the exorbitant prices in all of the places I have traveled.

Usually our friends plus I would either find campgrounds to camp overnight or we’d just sleep in the automobile at a truck stop. When our partner was planning our recent vacation, he commanded that both of us book hotel rooms ahead of time so both of us could compare plus contrast prices. I couldn’t say no so I agreed to help his find an affordable chance without sleeping in a motel room full of mold plus cockroaches. Luckily there was a brand up-to-date 4-star hotel that had just opened in the village where we’d be staying plus they had a actually fantastic deal on room rates for the week in which we’d be traveling. All of us simply booked a official single bed room with a normal view of the village outside. But I was pleasantly surprised when the concierge at the front desk gave to update our room when our partner plus I arrived to check in. She said that they had a number of premium rooms open plus they were glad to provide us a free update. Since both of us weren’t about to turn down a better room for no extra expense, both of us happily accepted. When both of us walked inside, both of us were greeted by a suite with a miniature dining room plus dining room area. On top of that, the suite had a central A/C with ductwork stretching from the bedroom to the dining room plus dining room area. On top of the split type Heating & Air Conditioning system, the hotel suite also had an media air cleaner next to the A/C control unit. All of us enjoyed the suite plus enjoyed our stay at the up-to-date hotel.