When I first started working from home I didn’t like it

When I first started working from home I didn’t like it at all.

I missed all of my friends at work and I missed the food that I would get every day at our cafeteria for breakfast and lunch.

When I started working from home, I had to make my own soup and croissants for lunch and I really hated that. I’m not really good at cooking and baking things and so having to make my own food every day was the worst. On top of that, I could not afford to call out and have things delivered every single day. That would have cost me a fortune. Anyway that was the kind of thing that I missed the most about working in the office every single day. I really used to love those croissants, that’s for sure! And their soup was the best. I don’t know. It’s probably really a blessing in disguise that I have to work from home now or I would have gained a hundred pounds by now just from the croissants! Anyway, the best part about working from home is the fact that I don’t have to worry about what the temperature settings are going to be every single day. That was the one really bad thing about working at the office. You just never knew what the heating and air conditioning settings were going to be. It made it hard to plan what to wear into the office every day. Now that I work from home, I get to decide the temperature settings myself and sometimes if it’s nice, I even go to work outside.


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