We had to get serious about saving

We both got laid off a few months ago and that’s when we really had to get serious about saving money.

Our budget has never been tighter, that’s for sure.

We have decided that one of the things that we are going to do to try and save money is cut back on our heating and cooling bills. Even though the weather has just now started cooling off, we have not been using our central air conditioning system for months now. It was really hard for me not to turn on the air conditioning system in our house back in August, because that’s the hottest month of all around here where we live. I kept waiting and waiting for the temperature to start cooling off, but it seems like this year was hotter than ever before for longer than ever before! Sometimes it feels like the weather was just doing it on purpose because it knew that we were not using our air conditioning system and it wanted us to suffer. I know that that’s crazy, and that’s not true at all, but that’s still what it felt like to me. I was pretty miserable throughout the months of August and September without the air conditioning. Part of the problem was the fact that it was so humid around here during those months and the air conditioning is what makes the humidity go away. Even though we are saving money on our air conditioning bills, I still miss using our HVAC system the way that we used to. I’m hoping that we both find good jobs very soon so that we can get back to normal.


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