I have good reasons for wanting to be an HVAC expert

Honestly, I always wanted to be in the HVAC industry for as long as I could remember. While other kids were talking about being a firefighter, police officer, or an astronaut, I told everybody that it was my dream to be an HVAC specialist. When people thought that was strange, I had to explain myself. I said while it was true that the other professions involved saving lives, HVAC professionals did that too. I said when your heating system breaks down in the winter, and you’re in the middle of a blizzard, who’s going to save your life? Everybody admitted that they would need an HVAC professional in that case, and it was indeed an emergency situation. I wanted to be that guy who saved those poor folks who would freeze to death if it weren’t for someone like me to come to their rescue. I said it was the same in the summer too, if everybody is facing a heatwave, they could collapse from a heatstroke, and I would be the one to help get their air conditioning system working. It also always annoyed me that it seemed like there weren’t enough HVAC professionals out there. There was one summer where we were dying in the heat because we couldn’t get the AC system working again without a professional. I begged my dad to let me have a look at it, but he said it had to be done by a certified expert. Ever since that time, I have been researching all about repairing HVAC systems. I’m about to graduate soon from high school too, so I can’t wait to get into a good trade school so I can finally be a certified HVAC specialist.

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