I love the weather, but the air quality isn’t so great

I have lived in a number of different locales since I was a little one.

My mom and dad liked to transfer around a lot.

They rarely stayed in one locale for more than multiple months. It was difficult to make pals and go to university, however my parents taught me at home and I learned a lot. I wish I would have benefited from formal education, however I’m pretty happy with the way my life turned out. I currently live in one of my preferred temperatures. I am in a region close to the desert where there is absolutely little rain. The rain makes me depressed, so I am ecstatic to have sunshine regularly! Sometimes it can be absolutely dry and dusty in the desert. When there are windy days, I have to shut the property down tight. The dust and dirt can seep through the smallest cracks. After a brutal sandstorm, I’ve often found a second line of dust on all of the surfaces in my home. During the summer, I have to use an air purifier when there is a good amount of dust in the air. I have struggled with dust irritations for the last 5 years. The medical professional told me that it will entirely continue to get worse unless I transfer to an area with less dust and wind. I entirely can’t think of any locale that I want to live in, so I have to deal with the situation. The air purifier works absolutely well, however I am eventually going to need to invest in a nice air filtration system. It’s going to be a lavish update, however one that will truly improve my indoor air quality.
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