Hard to deal with the air quality in the desert

I have lived in a number of odd locations since I was a little one. My parents honestly liked to transfer around a lot! They rarely stayed in one location for more than 6 months, however it was hard to make friends and go to school. My parents taught me at the dwelling and I learned a lot. I wish I would have benefited from formal education, but I’m happy with the way my life turned out. I currently live in one of my number one climates. I’m in a region close to the desert where there is very little rain. The rain makes me feel relatively worried and depressed, so I’m happy to have sun all the time. Occasionally it can be undoubtedly dry and dusty in the desert! When there are windy days, I have to shut the dwelling down tight. The dust and dirt can seep through the smallest cracks! After a terrible sandstorm, I’ve often found another line of dust on all of the surfaces in my dwelling. During the summer, I have to use a powerful air purifier when there is a lot of dust in the air. I have struggled with allergies for the past 5 years. The doctor told me that it will certainly continue to get worse unless I transfer to a new place with less dust and wind. I honestly can’t think of any location aside from where I live, so I have to deal with the situation. The air purifier works undoubtedly well, but I’m eventually going to need to invest in a full property air filtration system. It’s going to be an extravagant update, but one that will improve my indoor air quality levels.

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