Getting wasp extermination today

When I visited my grandmother’s place, I looked around with caution.

My grandmother lives more out in the country, and with living out in the country comes with insects, and plenty of them.

There are usually tons of wasp and bee nests, ant hills and other insects crawling about, so I always had to watch where I stepped. The worst was when I accidentally stepped on a wasp’s nest that was on the ground, I didn’t even know they had nests on the ground! My grandmother goes out every few weeks, and takes a hose full of burning hot water and sprays all of the anthills down. Then she goes and does the same for the wasps nest. While it is probably 90% effective, she still gets stung plenty. I felt bad, so I called a bee removal company for her. She had a local exterminator in her area, and since they were the closest I chose them. The commercial bee removal specializes in bee extermination, yellow jacket extermination and bee relocation. Since we were looking to exterminate the wasps, we told them to kill them. The wasp extermination took probably 45 minutes, since they had multiple nests to go to, but once they were removed, neither me nor my grandmother had to worry about being stung. I told my grandmother that they will probably come back, and that she should start getting yellow jacket extermination every year. I even gave her the number of the wasp and bee extermination. If she gets yearly service from them, she should no longer have an issue with bees and wasps.


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