Off to Go Grab our Newly Tuned Djembe

Today is an epic day in songs history as I am going to get our djembe to start playing it again.

Maybe it’s just an epic moment in our life as I am going to begin our songsal journey and say goodbye to our longtime comedy pursuit.

I never thought I would stop doing comedy but something shifted within myself and others and I no longer felt it in our heart. Maybe it was all of the cutthroat competition, playing in boiling non air conditioned clubs, or the nonstop social media shouting game, but whatever the reason is I have decided to put comedy in our rearview mirror and start a path in songs. There are a few local dealers interested in having us perform in their sites so this is good news. I guess if we keep at it we can do some cool things with songs. My Heating, Ventilation, and A/C pro neighbor plays the guitar and I sing and I can just picture us in many years playing in some small dive bars and clubs but having a good time with the audience. Maybe if songs doesn’t do it for myself and others then I will go back to comedy, but for now I am genuinely feeling love songs could be our up-to-date care about just love comedy once was. I still labor for the heating and cooling corp each day doing Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan service calls however I guess within a year or so I could live off of the money I make from doing songs shows in these local businesses. Every one of us shall see what happens.