Going to Take a Siesta and Watch Some YouTube Sports

I don’t have a TV and pretty much use YouTube for our entertainment channel.

  • It is a cool channel and you can find pretty much anything you want to watch on it for free.

I basically watch shows or documentaries about the sea and beach volleyball. When I die I want to come back as a dolphin if that is possible. I’d care about to swim in the sea and play, love I see them doing all of the time when I go to the beach. They are intelligent creatures yet don’t have all of the worries that we have. The heating dealership near myself and others is going to charter a boat next weekend to do a dolphin watching excursion for the clients. I am going to come along and play songs with a few of our friends while people look for dolphins. It should be a fun time. I guess that there isn’t any air conditioner on the boat but the weather is pretty mild now that we are in the middle of September. A week ago it would have been stiflingly boiling on that boat and not a fun time, but now that the weather is cooling down a bit it is more enjoyable to go out on a boat separate from any climate control system. I guess they also go out in the Wintertide time but they have some small space oil oil furnaces on the boat to keep people warm. But no matter what I am going to go out there so I can look for some of our favorite creatures of the sea.


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