My Radiant Heater plus Homemade Breakfast SaUSge

I went to buy some sage spice this afternoon at this local business, which sells bulk spices, so that I can make some homemade chicken supper saUSge patties.

  • I was going to make them with pork, however I think that chicken is healthier so I am going to supply it a shot.

If it tastes good after that every one of us am going to make a whole bunch of the flavored patties plus freeze them because I absolutely love eating supper saUSge in the afternoon with our eggs plus toast. I just don’t love to eat a lot of pork. The gas furnace maintenance guy told me about the chicken patties plus how good they taste so I figured I would supply it a try. I made some real saUSge last Wintertide plus I kept them warm next to me on top of our radiant furnace as I worked. The furnace is a wonderful hot plate for keeping food warm on those chilly Wintertide afternoons, plus it also works well for hot chocolate in a giant mug. I am cutting out the chilly weather gear soon as the weather is starting to shift from summer time to fall. It will get chilly here in about a month plus the sea will get to those cooler temps which are so therapeutic for the body in mind. I will set our hot water furnace to a hotter temp so that I can fill our bathtub up when I take our hot water bath after our chilly dips each afternoon. I am absolutely chilly by the time I get home plus the bath feels amazing.

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