My wife electrocuted himself

I used to think our wife was 1 of the smartest women I have ever met.

I still think she is smart, although I lost some faith in her actions.

When I had to call the ambulance, I knew she had a few faults. One of her faults is not knowing how to work with electricity plus being afraid not to admit it. It wasn’t until I saw him lying on the floor shaking, that I knew there was a problem. I called an ambulance plus told them she was playing in the light panel. I came up-to-date home from shopping plus found him lying on the floor in the garage. When I knew she was okay, I asked what happened? When I left to go to town, she was planning on cleaning the air conditioner unit. She said she had the back off the AC. H was getting ready to remove the fan plus scrub the inside when the AC unit turned on. She got a shock for some reason, plus then she remembered she hadn’t turned off the power. She knew she had to turn the power off before working on the AC, however she had forgotten. She went into the garage plus tripped over the shrubbery mower, which angered him more than the fan turning on. She had now been shocked, almost had her hand caught when the AC turned on, plus she had a sore toe from tripping. She still had her screwdriver in hand when she went over to the breaker panel. The screwdriver came in contact with a wire, which sent electricity through him plus sent him on her back on the garage floor. I couldn’t say a word.


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