Time for a Small Meditation Session to Charge my Soul

I try to meditate each day after doing yoga, but today I am way behind schedule because I was looking around town for spices to make homemade breakfast sausage.

I got everything and will make them tomorrow if I sleep well tonight.

Tonight we are doing a music jam on the beach later and it could end up going really late. We will see how we do and if I stay out late then I will make the sausages the next day as it isn’t a big rush. I just want to have some with eggs as my HVAC rep told me to do. I will also make some grits with the eggs and sausage so I can have a taste of home over here where I am living across the Atlantic Ocean. The HVAC company near me sometimes has donuts for people in the morning but I don’t like to eat them because they just have way too much sugar. I would rather eat eggs and sausage if given the choice. I am going to clean the furnace filter next week to prepare for winter, which is just around the corner as I have noticed the temps dropping a lot the past week or so. It won’t be long before it is snowing and I am running the furnace each day to keep warm. My cats will love this winter because they have really this fur and are probably quite hot normally. I don’t run the heater too much in the winter so it won’t be too warm for them.

ac filter