Thinking About Doing an Open Mic Again

I’m kicking around the idea of getting on stage again to try some comedy. I haven’t done it in years but just wanted to see how it feels and if it stirs up anything inside of me. I used to think I would do it my whole life but something changed and I stopped doing it. The local business near me offers singing lessons and I am thinking of trying one next week to see how that feels too. I just want to do some kind of creative endeavor that feeds my soul and ignites some kind of passion inside of me again. I’ve just been working at the HVAC company each day and coming home to my cats and I must say that it is getting quite repetitive and monotonous. There must be more to life than just getting by, this is ridiculous. I do like to work at the heating and cooling corp but it isn’t exactly something that lights that fire inside of me like comedy did. I feel good when I help someone program their smart thermostat or when I repair a heat pump in a home. But there is nothing like the feeling of connecting with an audience on stage and having the whole room laughing with you about some funny story. It’s even more fun when the place has a good climate control system to make you and the audience comfortable during the show. There is nothing worse than doing a set in a hot room in the summer with those hot stage lights making you sweat.


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