Noticing the air conditioning when being arrested

Back when I was a teenager I was not the best behaved kid, then I was arrested quite a few times for stealing plus shoplifting as well as underage drinking in public! One time when I was arrested for drinking in public underage it was the summer time weeks of the year.

Even though I was a bit drunk, I remember getting put into the police car plus it undoubtedly felt great! I was enjoying being arrested because the cop car had honestly good air conditioning in it, but how strange is that? And the fact that I still remember this all these years later! I am a good person today.

I have never been arrested in my entire adult life; but I will typically remember that air conditioning. I guess maybe it could be because today I am a certified heating plus A/C specialist. Being a heating plus A/C specialist plus dealing in everything having to do with heating plus cooling, you remember things regarding the subject. Inside the police station from what I remember also had really great air conditioning! They should have honestly been more careful. Because in this era if it got out that the cop station plus cop cars had great central air conditioning it could mean that numerous people would break the law plus get arrested just to spend a terrible evening or even a few evenings in an air conditioned holding cell just to love the whole central air conditioning which was not ever a usual thing at that time.

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