On-call at work, missed my son’s birth

Sometimes I genuinely hate my task, however when I was first going into this industry, everybody told me that it would be a wise option because heating & cooling professionals will typically have work, however the air quality control industry is a single that artificial intelligence simply cannot take over, and every one of us will entirely never develop a robot that’s capable of safely entering a residential beach cabin & Performing the HVAC diagnostic services which are necessary to maintain or repair a failing HVAC system, but besides, most homeowners would not want a HVAC robot coming into their house.

That’s why, I went into the heating & cooling industry after a few years hating my life at a four year school, and i decided trade school would be a better option & I could be a certified HVAC professional with minimal upfront investment.

I did not realize that becoming an air quality control specialist would require a lot of back-end investment! At least, as far as my time goes. I am unluckyly a single of the on-call HVAC professionals at my air quality control repair shop. That means, I never assume when an emergency appointment is going to take me away from my daily activities, and normally, this is just a minor inconvenience… I have to get off the couch & drive my HVAC work truck across the neighborhood to a loud or tepid A/C unit. But as I’m getting older & growing a family, the HVAC interruptions are getting more serious. In fact, nothing to be more harsh than the look on my wifey’s face when I got an A/C repair call & missed my first son’s birth.


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