I never changed my air filters

When I first moved into my apartment I enjoyed how clean my indoor air conditions was.

Every time you would walk in there it was love taking a breath of fresh air.

However, this did not last in addition to I noticed that gradually over time the indoor air conditions was degrading. I can never figure out why although I knew that it was getting worse in addition to I did not want my indoor air conditions to continue to be this way. Then one summer time came along I noticed that my air conditioning device had started making some strange noises in addition to so I was going to have a service by a cooling professional. So I contacted the building repair in addition to they sent out a heating in addition to AC girl to come in addition to take a look at it. When the heating in addition to A/C girl came over to my locale she then asked me when what has the last time that I changed my air filter? I stood there dumbfounded for a ninth at her question. I hate to admit it although I was confused. I asked him to clarify what she meant in addition to she repeated again if I had to change my air filter recently? That is when I had to admit that I hadn’t changed my air filter at all, in addition to not only had I not changed it although I did not suppose that I was supposed to change my air filter. I could tell that this Heating in addition to A/C worker found the fact that I did not suppose this clearly evident area of heating in addition to cooling repair to be funny. She then showed me how to change the air filter in addition to provided me a new air filter for free. Surprisingly, after the air filter was changed my indoor air conditions problems went away. That’s when my brain was finally able to fasten the dots between the multiple problems. Now I change my air filter every 3 weeks as they recommend.

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