How a HVAC unit can make or break a home

Did you know that your heating and cooling system can make or break a home? It is true.

It is because when you’re going to buy a home every single asset of that home can either increase or decrease the value.

So if you have a very old and outdated heating and cooling system that doesn’t work very well, obviously that isn’t going to add much value to the house, if anything it’s going to be a hindrance because this means it’s going to need to be upgraded and replaced with something more modern. However, on the flip side if you have a very nice heating and cooling system that adds a lot of value to the home and that’s something that’s going to really help make the value go up. When my husband and I were looking to buy our first house, we didn’t even bother to think of the heating and air conditioning system. You were focusing more on the aesthetics of the interior and outside of the house. The house had many great selling points but heating and air conditioning wasn’t one of them. We learned this the hard way when we purchased this house and moved in, and it took us very long to discover that the heating and air conditioning system was in bad shape and that if we wanted quality heat and cooling we were going to have to have it replaced. Luckily, we had already prepared for having to have some repairs done and so we did have the money to completely replace the entire HVAC system.

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