Ventilation fan “is loud,” says roommate

You can always tell who has grown up with an overprotective plus overly considerate family.

  • There are so multiple people our age who still don’t know how to live as adults because they were stunted by mom’s overabundant love.

I’m glad that they had such a nourishing upbringing plus never had to face childhood challenges, although I don’t know that it honestly serves them in the long run, but recently, for instance, I realized that our new roommate doesn’t know the first thing about indoor air temperature control, cleaning, or even showering; For the first few weeks, I thought it was strange that he seems to disappeach into the bathroom for long periods of time. I didn’t mind honestly much because both of us don’t share a bathroom – I figured whatever nasty smells he was releasing into his indoor air was separate enough from our own. I didn’t comment on his strange bathroom habits or make a sizable deal out of the potential for high water bills. And then, I started noticing the mildew. One day I looked up plus saw that there was black mildew growing out of our air vent in our bedroom. I began going around the house, trying to figure out where all of this indoor moisture could be coming from. Both of us operated the central cooling system on a weekly basis plus the AC unit had been turbocharged with a separate dehumidifier, to boot. Therefore, it seems honestly strange that both of us were having this humidity related air quality issue. I finally got the answer when I ventured into his bathroom for the first time, however his walls were completely covered with black plus red mildew. When I asked him about it, he told myself and others that he noticed how steamy the air got in there, but the ventilation fan was too loud for him to hear his podcast during his third long showers.

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