Hot sites are fun to visit, not fun if live there

I set nearly every room at a constant 79 degrees

SO many people like to visit my state in the Wintertime. I guess the local climate bears a welcome contrast to the chill they’re used to up north. It’s funny how we pine for the things that we do not get to experience on a constant basis. It’s also funny that they may very well become stale with overexposure. So many people want to go on holiday on appealing sunny beaches while we were in the Wintertime. They always want to hear those crashing waves plus know the island breeze. However, I live in a very tepid plus humid coastal town with admittedly appealing beaches. Let me tell you, I would care about buying a Wintertime lake condo somewhere where it’s nice plus cold plus snowing! The air conditioning bills that I rack up while we were in the Summer, plus often while we were in space in the Springtime are astronomical! Yet, I refuse to compromise when it comes to comfort. I am quite willing to spend my savings those bills plus the 1s for correct air conditioner services if it means that I will remain comfortable in my home, no matter how tepid or humid it is outdoors! When relatives or friends come to visit, they often complain about how cold it is in my house. I set nearly every room at a constant 79 degrees. Moreover, at night, I drop the control components even further to 62! If any guests can’t handle it, I simply offer extra blankets plus tell them to wear more layers. I may live in a tepid plus humid space of the country, however I’ll be darned if I have to feel any such discomfort in my own home!

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