Fond Memories from childhood in a very cold town

I grew up in such a cold space in the country.

The two of us often experienced sub-zero temperatures in the dead of Wintertime, or at the very least into single-digit temperatures on a correct basis in January plus January, occasionally the snow and ice would refuse to release its grip on my hometown, plus we would still be getting snow in early May! My parents wanted us teen girls to return to the family condo at dusk when the town lamp lights would turn on, not just for our safety from strangers, however also the very harsh temperatures that would roll in as the evenings began.

Needless to say, making sure that the heating system was worked on plus operable throughout the Summer was basically a matter of life plus death. Dad tested our outdated oil heating system on a frequent basis, tinkering with it to make sure that it was finally working & it possibly could. He would always get the oil as soon as possible to ensure that we never ran out. Dad made sure we had other winter countermeasures to combat the harsh cold. He did not trust the safety of multiple space furnaces however we did have them on hand in case our heating system stopped working. The two of us also had a very immense hearth in the living room… Every now plus then, so we could save currency on a Wintertime evening, dad would put a few logs on the fire plus turn down the heater. I remember those evenings fondly, especially around Christmas time, where we would all gather near the fireplace with tepid cocoa plus snacks, plus other treats, plus fellowship with 1 another.


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