Telecommuting tech; I can diagnose the Heating & A/C over the PC

When this global pandemic began I really didn’t believe how I was going to continue holding a job.

I have been in a position that requires myself and others to interact with humans face to face everyday; Besides that, I legitimately have to go into their homes in order to diagnose their failing heating & cooling systems, and you see, I have been a professional & certified Heating & A/C company for over 20 years.

In those 20 years, I have seen a lot of air quality technology come to fruition that has completely changed the Heating & A/C game! However, I haven’t seen major technological changes that impact the way we do business. In order to perform routine repair appointments, repair jobs, & diagnostics we have to be in the field, at the person’s house for multiple hours. Or, that was the case until I realized but it might be possible to telecommute to anxious residential Heating & A/C appointments, I should say. Instead of putting everybody in danger, I could have the owner of the Heating & A/C plan Skype myself and others & their failing air quality control device at the same time. It turns out, I can legitimately diagnose broken Heating & A/C systems by sound & virtual inspection. I never knew that I was such a skilled user of current technology until it was really necessary for myself and others to implement these socially distanced Heating & A/C concernshooting processes. It’s been enormously relieving for my family’s safety & for opening up more spare time in my life… Even after social distancing is over, I do not believe if I want to visit another residential heating & cooling plan in lady ever again.



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