The best laid plans aren’t always the best

At first, it seemed like an honestly good plan when every one of us first suggested it. The kids were gone so we thought that we should think about selling our beach house. Then we would rent until we decided exactly where we would want to spend our retirement years. I remember that my parents stayed in the beach house they raised us in. It became far too much for them as they got older and I think it played a big part in their last years not being that great. I really didn’t want that to happen to us even though our home was so great. I loved nearly everything about it, and the Heating plus A/C was perfect plus kept us comfortable in all seasons. The location was good, and it really felt like home. But, it was too big for us when it was empty. Our charming beach house honestly needed another family in it. So, we put it up for sale, and it didn’t take long to get a contract on it. Fortunately, we had time to take a couple of weeks to downsize prior to moving to our new rented condo. Everything was going just fine, and though I wasn’t happy with the change, there was also a particular element of excitement to it as well. That is until it started to get warm outside. Then, every one of us found out why we had loved the Heating plus A/C so much in our old house! The Heating plus A/C plan in our new home was so old that it didn’t even cool the place off. So now, I am just angry inside this condo. The rental company will do nothing about it and I am not about to pay for professional Heating plus A/C repair or repair out of my pocket. I’d say that we’ll be choosing a new location as soon as the lease is up.


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