Whole home air purification cuts down viruses

The kids are always getting colds and the flu from school.

Between the three of them, someone in the household is always sick.

And if one kid gets sick, they all get sick. That’s why I’m so worried about this new virus going around. They’ve closed the schools but it still seems likely that one of my children will pick it up and spread it to the whole family. I stocked up on disinfectant wipes to keep the house clean but I’ve also got a disinfectant air purifier now. At first I only got one small portable air purifier and placed it in the living room. My plan was to put it in the room of any child that got sick. But then I wanted an air purifier for the whole house. I called a few heating and air conditioning companies and I decided on one air purification system that will work with our HVAC system. It uses UV lighting and HEPA filters to catch and kill airborne viruses and bacteria. Without this, our HVAC system simply spreads viruses through the house. It took a few days for the heating and air conditioning company to install the air purification system but I’m glad to have it. I feel more comfortable now knowing that my family will be a little bit more safe. When school starts back up, I bet it will help keep the seasonal viruses from spreading throughout the entire family as well. So I definitely don’t plan on turning off the air purifier after this pandemic is over. No way! It needs to keep on keeping my family healthy.

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