How often should you get HVAC inspections

I am constantly worrying about my HVAC units. I used to live in a house with terrible HVAC units, and I really don’t want my HVAC units to become as bad as my old HVAC units. I don’t know what was wrong with those HVAC units. I was renting that house, so the HVAC units were not actually my problem. I wasn’t supposed to be the one that paid the HVAC technicians to fix them. The landlord always paid the HVAC technician to come out, and I can’t complain too much. Whenever I told the landlord that I needed to get my HVAC units repaired, the landlord always called the HVAC technician and scheduled something as soon as possible. However, the landlord refused to pay for HVAC inspections because he thought that it was a waste of money. This meant that I never knew when I was going to have an HVAC breakdown. With inspections, you can fix all of your HVAC problems before you need your HVAC units, but without inspections, your HVAC units literally could break down at any moment, and you might be without your HVAC units when you need them most. My HVAC units in the house that I just bought are great, but I don’t want to have to deal with HVAC problems. I just don’t know how often I have to schedule HVAC inspections to ensure that I am never surprised by HVAC problems in the middle of using those HVAC units.



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