Camping done the right way

When my father in law asked me the other day if I would be interested in heading off on a family camping trip I wasn’t sure what to expect.

  • I like hanging out with my inlaws, but I never saw myself going on a camping trip with them.

Up until that point I had never taken them as the camping type, these are the type of people that will be in a restaurant and complain to the manager that they are frustrated the a/c is set to 67 instead of 69 degrees. My father in law went on to tell me that the style of camping they would be doing wouldn’t be as hardcore or intense as I originally thought because we would be going in the family RV. This was completely new, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested. In short, being able to come home from a long hike and have a/c in the RV to cool you down was absolutely incredible. Due to the fact that both of us live in a single of the most humid regions of the country its almost suicide to spend time outdoors without having any form of HVAC cooling, so I tip our hat to all of the people that both of us saw at the campground who only had basic tents as well as gear. In the meantime my in-laws and I will stick with our a/c unit, comfortable beds, and built in shower. You can call it lame or not authentic if you would like, but if you ask myself and others we were the only ones doing the camping thing right!



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