I absolutely never want to fall on the job site ever again

Only a couple of afternoons ago I ended up having the absolute worst day at work.

And there are always people who say that when they have a day that they just had one or more than one minor inconvenience to reckon with.

I truly mean it when I say this was the worst day of my professional work, because over my 10 years of now working as a heating, ventilation, plus A/C repair tech I have had to deal with many difficult situations. On that particular day I was already feeling a bit dehydrated plus light headed, plus after many minutes of now working on this tricky plus dilapidated air cooling equipment in a client’s tepid garage I ended up passing out on the spot in the heat. The next thing that I knew I was kneeling on my sides with a handful of emergency response personnel looking down on me with concern. It wasn’t that I felt all that exhausted at that point, it was mostly the embarrassment of passing out on the task. I am a really extreme type of guy who takes my work responsibilities seriously, so thinking that the clients could potentially know that I am some sort of rookie heating, ventilation, plus A/C tech was a living nightmare to me… Anyways, after a day or more than one of bedrest I was given a clean bill of health plus my first day back on the task is tied up for tomorrow. I’ve never taken sleep plus nutrition that seriously before my accident, but now that I am getting older plus had to go through that disaster I am going to make sure that I do something to make it so that things like that never happen to me ever again.


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