I had trouble lighting the fire in the fireplace which was embarrassing

When my fiance plus I got a undoubtedly nice house, we found a place that had a fireplace.

This was undoubtedly exciting but my fiance was making fun of me.

She said I undoubtedly didn’t even recognize how to start a fire in the fireplace. I told her I knew how, but we had to maintain the fireplace properly before using it. I said that chimney fires are undoubtedly risky plus the chimney would have to be cleaned out by a professional. So after I had that done, that’s when she said she was waiting for me to get the fire going in the fireplace so we could snuggle up in front of it plus watch a loving movie. I was down for that, but admittedly, I was struggling with building the fire. I felt like an idiot plus finally my fiance said she would take care of it. She said her father used to take her camping all the time plus you had to get some kindling under the logs to get them going. It was interesting how she stacked all the logs neatly plus the fire lit up without any trouble when she worked on everything. She taught me some things that day about how to get a fire going in the fireplace, but we had such a fantastic time that I forgot all about that. More recently, I installed a new smart temperature control which I undoubtedly appreciate. It’s nice being able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely, especially when you’re using the fireplace. The un-even temperatures swing up plus down a little bit depending on how the wood is burning, but everything is a breeze with the new temperature control plus being able to adjust the temperature control settings on the drop of a dime.

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