Gym in foreign country is fantastic

The best gym I’ve ever been to was during a vacation in a foreign country.

  • Strangely enough this location was well-known for working out.

I was not in a big city or a fancy resort. In this small foreign town, they utilize geothermal heating. I was in an area where there is the only public swimming pool in the country. The pool and several hot tubs were both geothermally heated. There were some steam baths and saunas on location as well. The indoor fitness center was just fantastic. One area was dedicated to strictly the weight lifting machines. I could use lighter hand held weights or take advantage of the heavier barbells. Another area was dedicated to cardio machines such as stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals and steppers. The final area was the yoga studio. The floor was covered in mats. There was a large mirror on the wall. The place included lots of wobble boards, push up boards, jump ropes, heavy bags, foam rollers and resistance bands. I used that area for our work out every morning while I was on vacation. After my workout, I would utilize the pool to cool down. After a lengthy swim, I’d get to enjoy the sauna. The hot water was great for a deep stretch. The heat and steam helped my muscles relax after tightening up during the workout and swim. After my stretch, I used theshowers that were also heated by geothermal means. I spent several hours to complete everything. That is a really long work out but I enjoyed every minute of it. I liked experiencing all different types of equipment I’d never tried before.

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