Two-hose portable a/cs solve a important design flaw in the original machines

Some technology that costs more money isn’t necessarily better or improved over their cheaper counterparts. I l gained this fairly rapidly as I kept upgrading my smartphones year after year. The cellphone manufacturers convince you that the current model is necessary with a handful of numerous upgrades over the previous iteration. But time plus time again, I found that each current cellphone would lose some of the things that I liked about the previous a single. Once I finally realized that these “improvements” are just minimal swings to justify rereleasing the same device at a higher price each consecutive year, I quit upgrading my cell cellphones until something happened to make them quit working. These complications abound in other industries as well. Many people will tell you that you need to upgrade your window a/c to a portable device if you haven’t already. They see the higher price for portable a/cs plus their ease of use as numerous factors proving their superiority over window units. Sadly, this is borderline smoke plus mirrors when you compare it to other misleading attempts at SEO. A portable a/c in its original form is inefficient because it needs to pull cool air from your cabin plus use it to cool its internal compressor. Then the air is pushed outside as heat. Window a/cs already have their compressors outside the window, so this is a self-inflicted design flaw. Two-hose portable a/cs are better because the air used to cool the compressor is pulled in from outside, but it doesn’t detach their inefficiency completely.
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