I planned to get window tinting in my house

Last summer I went to visit my parents in another part of the country.

  • It had been quite some time since I saw them.

We often spoke on the phone, but dad wanted me to go as soon as I could. They were so happy to see me home, and I was staying for about two weeks before I had to go back to work. We talked about everything, and they kept asking me questions about my new house. I had taken them on a virtual tour of the property and promised to fly them out soon to see it. As we were talking, dad asked me if I was having any issues with the house. I told him my only problem was the high energy bill in summer. The reason being I had to blast the AC system because the house kept getting warm. Dad asked me if I had any windows films set up on the property. I told him I did not have residential window films. All my windows were bare and let in a lot of light the way I liked it. Dad told me that was the problem since the plain windows were letting in so much sunlight. I had to get sun control window film installation if I wanted to lower the energy consumption in the house. I’d still have a bright space, but it won’t get as hot in summer. He had a point, and later that day, I began doing some research online about window films installations. I was shocked I’d not been aware that this was a great way to save energy and lower my electricity bill. The next thing was to seek a company in my area doing residential window tinting.



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