Glad the banking hall has tinted windows now

I’d come to the new banking hall on a few different occasions.

Each time I went, I felt worried.

It was actually too open for my personal liking since people walking down the streets could see everything inside… The people in charge actually believed it was okay for the arena to remain that way since we lived in a small town. But having stayed in the city for a good period of time, I felt insecure transacting in such a site. Eventually, I went to deposit currency from our business, plus I felt some real fear. There was no need to keep wallowing in it, so I decided to speak with the manager. I made him understand why it was not okay for the bank to remain without window films. The bank manager heard everything I was saying and promised to do his best to resolve this particular problem. About a week after that, I had to do another transaction plus dreaded the banking experience completely. I definitely was all smiles when I got there, plus each window had daylight control films professionally installed. The manager was walking to his office when he noticed me on the line. He walked up to inform me they had contacted a supplier to do commercial window film installations. All the bank executives were waiting for a single customer to make some kind of complaint about the lack of window films… When they acquired this particular request, they acted fast to set up commercial window films in the bank. The manager was grateful that I spoke up since now the arena had so much privacy. It goes without saying, I never felt insecure going to transact there ever again.
Sun Control Window Film Maintenance