Fortunately the bank upgraded to tinted windows

I’d come to the new banking hall on numerous occasions, & every single time, I felt anxious.

It was sincerely too open for my comfort since people walking down the streets could see inside.

The people in charge were under the impression it was okay for the place to remain that way since the people I was with and I lived in a small town. Having stayed in the city area for some time, I felt relatively insecure transacting in such a place. Eventually, I went to deposit money from my business, & I felt the same fear fall upon me. There was no need to keep wallowing in it, so I went to the manager’s office. I explained to him why it was not fine for the bank to remain separate from window films for privacy reasons. The bank manager heard what I was saying & promised to do his best to resolve the situation… Roughly a week later, I had to handle another transaction & didn’t look forward to the banking experience. However, I was essentially all smiles when I got to this place. Each window had sun control window films that were nice. The manager was walking to his office when he observed me waiting there in the line. He walked up to inform me about the fact that they had contacted a company to work on the commercial window film upgrades. All the bank executives were waiting for 1 patron to make a true complaint about the lack of window films for privacy reasons! When they received this particular request, they acted in a rush to set up commercial films in the bank. The manager thanked me profusely for speaking up since now the place had the best privacy! Needless to say, I never felt bothered about going to transact there ever again.

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