What’s too much investment?

I was talking about going out and opening our own Heating and Air Conditioning dealer.

I had no freaking idea how to go about starting a successful Heating and Air Conditioning business on our own, and I decided to go to some meetings for successful small supplier owners.

They provided myself and others all the information on successfully choosing a name for our Heating and Air Conditioning business and registering it. NOw, what they didn’t tell myself and others was how to get folks into our dealer. My sibling had started his own online supplier and I asked him what he ever did. He explained that online, all the supplier is right there for everyone to see. As long as you successfully put in ads and add the right amount of SEO and other wording that makes your official ads seeable when someone does a search, you’ll get business. He then told myself and others it was important to have a website for when people do stop and click on the ads. Without a website, they have no way of checking you out and letting you understand they need Heating and Air Conditioning help. He told myself and others I needed to have our information available. All the data he was giving myself and others in such a short time overwhelmed me. I knew he knew what he was doing, even though I didn’t understand a damn word of it. I asked if I needed new SEO services, or a website builder just to get business. I needed was a little sibling who did SEO services and web design for a living.


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