Need to get the early morning session in

I have two options for fitness classes during the work week.

The body wellness center is right by my place of work, it makes sense to go there.

If I am smart and motivated, I go early and workout before my work day. I beat rush hour traffic, get a good workout and feel motivated all day. My body is loose and fine sitting at a computer. I am energetic and happy. The early morning fitness class is better. I get a physical training session where I lift weights, run on a treadmill and do partner work. I really like the certified fitness expert that runs the class. If I am a lazy slug in bed, I can’t make the fitness class on time. I then need to work first and workout after. This combination is not good. I am sore and tight while I work on my computer. I spend half the day yawning and I am cranky. I also just want to go home after work. I force myself to do a workout I don’t really want to do. To make it worse, my only option is yoga after my work day. I hate doing yoga. I find it very boring and don’t feel it is a great workout. I want to have heavy cardio and be dripping with sweat. The yoga class is basically stretching and relaxation. I must have a sour look on my face during class because the instructor clearly hates me too. You would think I always make the early morning class. There are some days I just can’t make myself do it.

Heath and Fitness Center