Online fitness coaching isn’t easy

I used to do fitness coaching at the body wellness center near me.

Due to the virus, I can’t go back to work.

I needed money so I started offering classes online. I contacted my old students and did some advertising on facebook and twitter. I am surprised to say that I have full classes and I am making more working from home. The gym doesn’t take a cut of my profits and I don’t have to drive to work anymore. Financially it is brilliant to keep going even when the virus goes away. However, I really hate doing virtual fitness classes. I don’t have the space to have the students come to my home and work out either. Being in person is just so necessary. I have trouble correcting forms and motivating over a computer screen. I have a really bad internet connection at my house too. Frequently the internet will cut out and I need to mess with it. It ruins the flow of the class and the students get confused on what is happening. The worst is that I have three young kids at home. The kids can’t help but bust into the living room while I am teaching. Thankfully my students all find it hilarious when my three year old is demanding for me to play with him. I am not happy though. I am trying to run a professional class and I look like a mess. I am thinking that when the gym opens back up, I will go back there. I like having a set place to workout and have all the equipment nearby.

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