Want to have abs for the pool party

I have a goal to have noticeable abs by the time I attend my brother’s pool party.

Every august our group of friends gather at my brother’s pool and just hang out.

Everyone hangs around in a swimsuit and drinks for hours. Every year I always feel a little soft around my tummy. This year I want to have abs. I know that getting a 6 pack as a woman is tough and for me, most likely impossible. I just want to look good. Rather than doing crunches daily and getting discouraged, I am seeking professional help. I found a body wellness center that offers personal training. I have a trainer on deck to help me three days a week. The other three days I will handle my own abs and the last day I will be all cardio work. So far I am loving personal training. I am doing ab exercises that I didn’t even know existed. The guy has me crunching on an inflated ball, tossing a medicine ball back and forth and doing tuck jumps. My belly is on fire most of the time. I have trouble sitting up out of bed and doing my off day workouts. My personal trainer is also targeting what I eat. He said working the muscle isn’t enough. I need to cut out sugar, sodium and carbs if I want to look like I have abs. I am amazed at the work that is going into one area of my body. No wonder my stomach always looked soft. It is not easy to have a toned tummy.

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