A quick carpet cleaning did the trick

My partner called me from the liquor store wanting me to hurry home.

I said I was en route. All of us were out of everything edible in the house. I needed to stop by the store and also get wine. I ran to my vehicle with our jacket on and turned on the AC to dry off. The drive to the store was nice, with the rain coming down and some great music playing. But again, I had to dash to the store, buy food and wine, then hurry back. By the time I got home, I was tired and knew our partner would want to eat. The youngsters came to the car to help me carry the groceries in. I didn’t realize 1 had taken the basket with the wine until it was too late. I heard the bottles hit the floor as I walked in and found the wine had spilled all over our rug. The carpet was white and brand new, so this was not a good thing to happen. I had to rush to clean the wine with paper towels as my partner searched for carpet cleaning services. All of us wanted to book their cleaning services as soon as possible to prevent the stain from staying. My partner managed to get a booking for the next day from the carpet cleaning business. I was so upset they’d not do a fantastic task, but they ended up doing excellent carpet cleaning.



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