Brother starting his own cleaning service

My brother Don was always into being neat and tidy.

  • He kept his room cleaned, his rug vacuumed and loved running the floor waxer when he worked at the bowling alley.

For his senior year, he opted out of the football team and got work at a local mall. My brother wanted to raise money in order to start a business after college. Mom was quite supportive and encouraged my brother to get some experience. He worked at the mall part-time while in college and full-time in summer. The mall job was renting out carpet cleaners and floor waxers. He had to instruct people how to use them and if they paid enough, operate them for the customer. Then after graduation, he joined a local university to pursue contractor courses at night, then during the day, he worked full time to save up for his ambitions. Finally, the time came for him to graduate and set up a business. My brother knew our town lacked a commercial cleaning supplier. There were small businesses in the area, but he wanted to set up a 1-stop-shop for all cleaning services. That included office cleaning services, carpet cleaning, and even floor waxing and stripping. He began learning all the information required and even hired a guy who’d worked for a commercial floor cleaning service in the city. They hit the ground fresh after landing a contract at 1 of the biggest suppliers in town to offer weekly janitorial service. My brother hired the staff and took them through training on how to operate the machines.


Maid for hire