Keeping Covered to save money on Heating & Air Conditioning in the summer

I have to say Wow.

No matter how you try & prepare yourself for the heat & humidity of the summer time in this southern region, it still takes some getting accustomed to.

However, the two of us are going into like our 4th or 5th summer & have learned a bit along the way on just how to beat the heat of the summer. For starters, find a nice cool spot with air conditioner to be while I enduring the peak heating minutes of the day. Or be in some body of water. That’s the first step. I also learned very quick how the physics of direct sun heating can push an Heating & Air Conditioning cooling utility bill right off a cliff. When built the home we’re living in & it was our first home separate from any neighbors being close. So, with the elegant views all around us, the two of us chose to not put up treated windows. This was wonderful & was very so different for me. I’ve consistently lived in small spaces where you had to pull the shades for privacy. But I’ve also lived up north where the two of us don’t know very much about direct sun heating. Well, I’m here to attest to the fact that it’s indeed a substantially good deal when you get down here. The first electric bills of Spring were bracing. But by the time the summer months hit, the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling bill was not sustainable. That’s when the two of us l earned about covering the windows. Another lesson learned was how you live life in this region. And the more I learn, the more I like this region no matter what the month or season. Thankfully, the Heating & Air Conditioning cooling gets us through a tough several weeks of damp heat but it’s so worth it to like this region & all it has to offer.
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