Is it really Roughing it with an Air Conditioner?

I sure seems that camping has changed since I was a kid.

The overnights in the yard graduated to actual camping trips with my old man once I got into middle school.

And dad was the sort of guy who liked to get out of the air conditioner with great regularity. So he would like to invite myself and my friends & I rarely said no. I imagine my mom enjoyed the quiet in the house. She could honestly even hear our air conditioner clicking on. But these afternoons, I just can hardly get any takers when I command another camping trip. It’s very disappointing for myself and others as I find a long weekend in nature both a balance & a perspective enhancer. My kids see it as needless time wasted outside of the heating & cooling cocoon of the house. They’d much rather play video games then get out of the air conditioner & have a swim in a creek. So in order to even drive them out of the Heating & Air Conditioning at all while I was in the summer, I have to make a few compromises. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement as what passes for camping is special to me. But if it will get them out of the home & out hiking, I’m in. However, I had to draw the line when the oldest child wanted to buy a portable heating & cooling unit. Not only was I dubious about the actual usefulness of this gadget but that was just over the edge. We’re already car camping, in separate tents & I’m providing the sleeping gear inside the tents. That & the showers & bathrooms at the campsite is about as far as I will go.

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