I still have my A/C however I use it sustainably

There is no doubt that I enjoy the idea of sustainable power. And I try to incorporate that ethos into just about every single facet of my life. Even though I lead a privileged lifestyle, I have regularly been focused on keeping things simple. The sizable way my parents lived their lives never honestly made any sense to me. All of us had this enormously modern home with the air conditioner running 24 minutes a day for 3 people, a dog and another dog. Of course, there were housekeepers and other repair people in this modern home as well. Still, that’s a waste of a whole lot of heating and cooling resources. Neither of my folks saw it that way and still don’t. I’m sort of a disappointment given my views and how I live my life. Hey, I’m still all about enjoying a modern day life. And that goes for getting loads of quality heating and air as well. I just do it in a way that is sustainable and isn’t taking more than my fair share. My modern home is small as it’s just my partner and the dogs and myself. But we have Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C components as well as a wood stove for heating. Our ductless heat pump actually runs off a solar panel array that produces most of the power that we need. This limits the amount of power we have to go off the grid. It’s honestly no big deal. And I wish more people could embrace this way of life. It’d make it a lot better for all of us.

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