Geothermal heat pump will totally pay for itself

There are a few things in life that are just worth the extra money and effort for the long term benefit.

Take your own body for example.

As much of a pain it is for myself and others to eat right, be fit, exercise and not just cave in to all my appetites, it’s worth it for long term health. That is the same kind of logical thinking that we decided to go with regarding our heating and cooling in our most modern home. This is the first and most likely the last time we will build a modern home from the ground up. So we wanted to be sure that we put some real thought into it. And that led to spending almost two years developing a design that fit my partner and I. All of us wanted a very modern home that fit our needs as well as our beliefs and lifestyle. This is consistent with the idea that we try to live the way we act and think. So going with a geothermal heat pump made a lot of sense to me. But it comes with a bit of an upfront commitment for sure. The way we looked at it, this was a benefit really. The heating and cooling savings from utility costs will be about as much as from a conventional heating and cooling unit. The only cheaper way to go would be full solar. And who knows, that might even be next. But right now, just knowing that our heating and cooling costs will be always remain low and sustainable is worth the cost. Plus, these geo heat pumps go for well over 30 years of repair in most cases.


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