It isn’t Roughing it if you use a portable Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C

I am not the best guy for going camping, but it sure had changed since I was a kid.

The overnights in the yard graduated to legit camping trips out with my Mom once I hit middle school.

And Mom was the sort of parent who liked to get us out of the air conditioner with regularity. So he would regularly invite myself and my siblings and I rarely said no. I imagine my mom enjoyed having some quiet in the house. She would honestly even hear the air conditioner clicking on. But these afternoons, I just can barely get any takers when I recommend a camping trip. It’s honestly a major disappointment for myself and others as I find a weekend in nature both a balance and a perspective enhancement. My kids see it as needless time outside of the heating and cooling cocoon of the home. They’d much rather play online games then get out of the air conditioner and have a swim in a river. So in order to even get them out of the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C at all while we were in the peak of summer, I needed to make certain compromises. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement as what passes for going camping is barely recognizable to me. But if it will get them out of the modern home and out on a hike, I’m in. However, I had to draw the line when my oldest child wanted to bring a portable heating and cooling unit. Not only was I dubious about the actual productivity of the gadget but that was just over the edge. We’re already motorcar camping, in separate tents and I’m providing sleeping bags and cots inside the tent. That and the shower and powder room at the campsite is about as far as I can go.


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