Heating plus A/C repairs are not the locale

I have heard myself described as cheap before.

This happened when I was being described in a super derogatory and mean way by someone who didn’t realize I was within earshot.

Those can often be truly revealing moments in life. I remember standing there in the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of our offices pondering about her statement. And it made myself and others consider that opinion a bit more during the next afternoon or so. While I am honestly thrifty, I wouldn’t have described myself as being that cheap. I’m honestly not a fan of waste. For example, I program our control unit at the condo in order to not waste resources plus to save currency. The climate control unit is programmed to allow the temps to rise inside our condo while in the peak heating minutes of the afternoon. Once the two of us are both heading back home, the control unit is programmed to start reducing the temperature to a lower, more comfy cooling number. That said, does this make myself and others cheap? I suppose of being cheap in a much more unusual way. Take the Heating plus A/C component again for example. All of us pay for to a Heating plus A/C repair plan. And if they told myself and others I needed a certain Heating plus A/C repair work to be done in order to take care of the Heating plus A/C unit, I’d simply set up the appointment. A cheap lady would find the cheapest repair alternative and hope for the best results. So I suppose there is a clear distinction between thrifty and cheap. But I will for sure be on the lookout for any future behaviors that are indeed cheap. That’s honestly not the vibe I’m looking to put out in the world.