The heater isn’t keeping up with me

I was too proud to ask them to send a furnace expert.

My furnace was having some problems plus I stupidly could not figure out how to repair them on my own. I am a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional technically, so I figured I would be able to repair my oil furnace on my own, although I was dead wrong. In my defence, I am entirely a cooling expert, so my strengths lie in the AC plus indoor cooling side of Heating plus Air Conditioning. My first attempt to repair my oil furnace was to just go reset it using my smart control unit, however that did not do the task at all. Next I tried to rapidly change the air filter plus check the air ducts although I found them to be clean plus possibly brand new. My last resort was to check for an oil leak in my home oil furnace, although I found none. I finally called the Heating plus Air Conditioning company plus just asked them if they had any advice. I was too proud to ask them to send a furnace expert. The cooling plus heating company sent out 1 of their top heating professionals anyways. The heating professional’s name was Pete, and pete showed myself and others a few cool things about my oil furnace that I never knew, plus he showed myself and others well more than two spaces other than the air ducts, air filter, plus oil lines that I could look for a potential problem next time. Greg was entirely humble plus simple to learn from plus I would even say Greg is 1 of the best furnace experts plus Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals I have ever met. I was now able to repair my oil furnace on my own plus I also knew how to detect Heating plus Air Conditioning problems.

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