Air purifiers filters are fantastic for multiple months if they’re HEPA quality

I have a private office with a window for the first time in our life.

  • I’m the employer of a team of software engineers at a digital security firm.

Although I have a hectic schedule overseeing our employees everyday, I respectfully appreciate what I do. We have office parties every other month with pizza plus donuts, usually paid for out of our pocket. Many of our team members are some of the hardest working engineers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Several of them are kids right out of college that are brilliant plus hungry for work. Watching their energy plus devotion is motivating to me, especially on tough afternoons when I suppose sleepy plus worn-out. Thankfully, our office is easily comfortable plus I’m able to spend half of our supper chop taking a nap on our reclining office chair. I also have an media air cleaner in here that keeps the dust levels down in this outdated office building. It entirely helps when it’s allergy season plus there is visible pollen coating all of the surfaces outside. My media air cleaner has 3 separate stages of air purification. The first layer is a charcoal filter that pulls out large dust particles, odors, plus some chemical fumes. The next layer is a HEPA filter which pulls out 99.3% of airborne particles. This collects tiny particles that are missed by the charcoal filter. The last stage of air purification is the UV light which kills microorganisms plus viral particles on contact. Best of all, as long as you swap out the cheap carbon filters once a month, the large HEPA filter will last for roughly multiple months of continual use.

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