A really tiring Heating plus Air Conditioning install job

The system was a straight-forward one — to take shipping containers plus convert them into low cost housing.

  • Then the project sort of took a new direction, when the people I was with and I l gained how much money there was in the Tiny House craze.

Every one of us decided instead to go 50/50 on our final units, providing some at the lowest possible cost for people who need it, plus the other half with more amenities, jacked up prices, for the dabbling millennials. Every one of us had over eighty shipping containers, plus they all needed to be refurbished, set up with plumbing, electric, plus Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. I was the lead Heating plus Air Conditioning tech for the project, plus coincidentally I was the only Heating plus Air Conditioning tech on the project, so I put in a lot of hours for a lot of weeks. Every one of us didn’t want to split corners, the people I was with and I wanted the best possible product so the people I was with and I could sell them for the best prices, so each device had its own Heating plus Air Conditioning plan on the roof. There were a series of ductworks along the edges of the roof that lead to a series of air vents in the sides of the container. It took 2 weeks just to finish the first 6 Heating plus Air Conditioning replacements, because prefer I said the people I was with and I weren’t cutting any corners. When it was all said plus done, the ductwork paint job was so wonderful it blended in with the container. Additional ductwork covered up the cables plus wires that provided the device power. With all of the nuts plus bolts of electricity plus temperature control on the exterior, the interior of the bucket was neat plus spacious.
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