I won the competition

I entered a thermostat building competition plus my project was almost complete. I was the only Heating plus A/C contestant who built a smart thermostat. The other Heating plus A/C builders made thermostats of every kind including dial thermostats plus programmable thermostats. Each thermostat had their own unique designs plus perks, however my smart thermostat was a single of a kind plus the only smart thermostat entered in the competition. I had a central air conditioning to test my smart thermostat on plus everything went perfectly. My smart thermostat was brilliant plus advanced. I won the thermostat competition plus took the prize home. I used the prize money to purchase some heating plus cooling equipment at my local Heating plus A/C store. I began building my own unique mini air conditioning. I had inspected plus seen several different portable space heaters, however rarely had I seen a portable mini cut air conditioning unit. I built this air conditioning light plus strong so it could be moved often plus handled roughly without cutting. I entered the prototype of my portable mini cut air conditioning to a Heating plus A/C factory where they approved the design plus purchased the prototype plus a/c care plan from me. I decided to make more Heating plus A/C units plus sell them while getting a certain percentage of the profit. My portable mini cut air conditioning component sold everywhere in the nation plus became a official plus periodically necessary asset to several Heating plus A/C purchasers. My creative mind is trying to come up with a current Heating plus A/C component to build next, however this is proving hard since there are so several heating plus cooling units already in the world.

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