My partner had to maintenance the air conditioning system in a creepy house

My partner Rob had to go out to the country Last weekto labor on a house’s a/c.

The weather around here has been honestly boiling lately plus the rapidly decreasing temperatures have been in the high nineties so people cannot do separate from their a/c for very long at all.

I’m a single of those people, plus I think for a fact that I wouldn’t last through the month separate from our air conditioning system in our house! I have a lot of inflammatory concerns plus getting overly boiling honestly messes with our condition. Anyway, when Rob got the call from the HVAC dispatch office that he was going to have to go out to this identifiable house, he was not thrilled about it. It turns out that he had to go to this home the year prior plus he said that it was super creepy. He said that the reason that the a/c had been torn up the year before was because the lady who lives in the home has care about various dozen cats residing in there with her. The awful thing about the cats is the fact that this person never seems to change the air filter in her cooling system… When he went out there last year, he said that he felt care about he was walking into a witch’s home or something. The other HVAC corporations laughed at him when he told them about it, so I wonder if they didn’t send the call over his way as some kind of a joke. He’s not ecstatic about going back over to the Cat Lady’s house, as he calls her. Hopefully , it will be another quick maintenance plus he won’t have to stay there for long.